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Why Q-Estate

Q as the Quality

Professionalism is born from passion, professionalism provides quality
and QUALITY is a luxury.

Having a true passion for real estate in most dynamic polish city, working with different types of clients (from corporate and diplomat to individual), lending our knowledge and support during a time of big decisions which drives us every day meant that we decided to create Q-Estate.

Q-Estate delivers exceptional consumer experiences. By offering a complete suite of real estate services, we ensure that we meet our consumers’ every need. Our philosophy is to always focus on the prize, which at the end of the day is not just the sale but the satisfaction of our clients.

White-glove client service, ingenious & smart marketing strategies, scrupulous business practices and business ethics. Headed by qualified, experienced real estate brokers with impressive sales achievements and supported by multilingual, talented, tenacious team of professionals – Q-Estate always provide superior service for their clients. Recommendations that we receive are the best evidence.

We specialize in all facets of real estate, from luxury penthouses downtown, apartments in the entire city and short term apartments for corporate clients, houses in Warsaw and Konstancin to property makeovers. From rentals and relocation, funding and sales, mortgage and new developments. We co-operate with several experts and global companies ( e.g. relocation) in every field to guide you skillfully from beginning to the end of your real estate journey.

Because we know that finding a home is about more than matching a simple schematic criterion.

Joanna Dobrosielska -

Joanna Dobrosielska

tel.: 513 106 276

Managing Partner

She is known as client focused, dynamic, involved and creative. Believes that being the best in the business requires living and breathing real estate. She specializes in relocation, leasing and sales of luxury apartments and houses to international clients. Recognized as one of the most successful in this field. Her impressive dedication to every client’s needs, attentive and personalized service, ethics and professionalism make customers keep coming back to her and recommend her. She holds a Master from Law combined with marketing strategies and property evaluation. She is licensed real estate broker PRFN No. 21515, is a member of Warsaw WSPON and American National Association of Realtors.
Karol Bruszewski -

Karol Bruszewski

tel.: 603 434 099

Managing Partner

He is Psychology graduate (MA) and has been associated with the sale for years which gives him an extreme comprehension of people as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Successful negotiator and advisor. Combines management skills with an innate leadership talent. Organized, quick and accurate. Recognized by his clients for a great reputation built on a foundation of trust, ethics and professionalism, while at the same time friendly and sociable. Recommended by the owners, embassies and international companies. He is fascinated by the residential real estate market and has a wide knowledge in this field. He is licensed real estate broker PFRN No 22163.


  • Joanna, We have already moved six times and I must say, among all the property relocation agencies we had, you were clearly the best. We valued very much your professionalism, you listed to what we wanted and really showed us houses that corresponded to the criteria we gave you. You were flexible, never stressed us, showed us many objects and understood very quickly what kind of object we were searching for. We did not loose any time by visiting houses that did not correspond us. You deserve a special recognition since you really listen to the client and help him find the object that corresponds him. You were objective and always pointed out very honestly what was important, without trying to see us something that we did not like. Thank you again for your great help and professionalism!
    Alexis & Beatrice Burckhardt, Novartis
  • They have been fantastic from start to finish! Once I found “my apartment” they spared no effort to make it happen. They helped me with internet, documents, advice, everything you can think of. I can’t think of anyone else who can do it better or faster in the field of real estate. They did really good job!
    Frederic Ascensio, Lacoste
  • While home search we could already see that they really know what they are doing. This is amazing how well they understand the needs and concerns of the expats! Working with them provides you peace and sense of security. When our, privately booked, removal company didn’t show up just one phone call was enough to see that we are not alone with this. Despite it was Saturday morning. It was a huge relief  to hear that they have it under control. If not the fact they co-operate with several global relocation companies, my family would be in Warsaw alone and I was stuck in Switzerland for at least couple of days. In effect, they organized the entire relocation process for us. They found us a domestic help as well! Their assistance and help was invaluable!
    Hugues, Marketing Director, retail industry